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We’re glad you are interested in submitting content to Parable.co.za. We want to equip, provoke and inspire Christians (especially 24-45yrs) in the Church and outside of the Church to advance the gospel of the Kingdom through their lifestyle. Parable.co.za is for young leaders, Pastors, Parents, Singles, Business people, corporate leaders, Worship Leaders etc

There are many opportunities at Parable.co.za to contribute your knowledge, insights, creative ministry ideas, and resources with progressive Christians across South Africa, Africa and the world over. You can be part of the team in the following ways:

– Become a Blogger

We are searching for bloggers who have specific expertise and experience in leadership, motivational speaking, parenting, relationship, spiritual issues, music and anything lifestyle. Please send us your name and anything you have written (not more than 500 words), a short description of your background, and why you think you would be a great fit for the site.

– Recommend or Write an Article or a Feature Story

Parable.co.za will accept articles of 250–500 words on topics of interest to Christian lifestyle please do not “preach” or use more than one scripture reference. We’re looking for well-written features that will provoke, engage, challenge or inspire Christians to showcase a Christ-like lifestyle. Please include a short biography of the author (45 words or less). We will review and give you feed back.

– Recommend or Write News and Video ideas

Do so by simply sending us the link to a relevant news or video story or news or video lead or write a short, concise (200-400 words) article on the news).

-Please visit our style and writing points segment

Thank you for considering the opportunity of sharing your stories, pain, joy, insights, miracles, experience, and resources with Parable.co.za.

Style and Writing Points

Remember Your Audience. This may vary from channel to channel, but the focus of your content should remain toward the issues and challenges Christians between the ages of 24-45yrs face. Assume your readers are partly spiritual mature and partly not. Please offer solutions in areas you feel you have authority.
Write a Catchy Hook. A captivating start will connect with readers immediately and maintain the connection throughout the story. It’s worth the extra time to craft a gripping first sentence or paragraph and a concise but intriguing headline.
Use Active Verbs. Whenever possible, avoid using the passive voice.
Show, Don’t Tell. You’ve probably heard this phrase many times before, but it remains appropriate. It’s always better to advance your story by using specific examples, supporting your most important points with quotes, illustrations, and brief, well-worded stories to keep the reader engaged. Avoid long monologues or rants.
Make Your Point or Points Clearly and Concisely. A captivating article will typically present a problem followed by a bold solution (or solutions). Keep it simple and to the point, and don’t forget the main idea.
Edit Your Work. Please make sure to give your story three to three proofreads for spelling errors, misused words, and punctuation. A few minutes of review can make a big impact when it comes to editing and increases the likelihood it will be posted on Parable.co.za. Proofreading is always time well spent—and helps people respond well to your message. Parable.co.za reserves the right to edit your work for considerations of space, audience, common usage, and consistency.

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