Are You Blinded By Foolish Faith?

The way many Christians exercise faith truly lacks revelation of what the subject entails. Many of us simply take anything that sounds positive and run with it without any proper scriptural backing. Just because a beloved one or somebody we trust convinces us about one way of doing things does not necessarily make it right. Several times I hear people quoting verses out of context for the sake of justifying their wrong intentions. To selfishly manipulate God’s word with the false hope that it will give us answers is foolish faith.

Sometimes I tend to think that pagans are better at acting upon what they believe than us who are Christians. An atheist who sows seed, waters it and cultivates it, shows faith that he will reap. But a child of God who slumbers all day (though believing that God will make a way) demonstrates arguably the highest level of doubt. In fact he does nothing but applies for hunger to demolish his household. Faith is a word that denotes action, and as such it can not be substituted by laziness all in the name of faith. It’s high time we start practising what we preach and stop pulling hypocritical and self contradicting stunts because we are deceiving nobody but ourselves.

Out of ignorance, we sometimes throw tantrums for a snake when God wants to give us fish. Though we might do this in the good hope that Christ Jesus says that we must ask and it shall be given unto us, to ask God with little understanding robs our lives many testimonies. God is not stupid that He will give us what is definitely ammunition in the hands of our adversary the devil. As a matter of fact our Father promises us in Jeremiah that He has plans to prosper us and not to destroy us.

Many of us claim to have faith that moves mountains but our fear to put all our eggs in God’s basket spells out ‘little faith.’ When it comes to believing God we must not apply the worldly principle of what’s-a-plan-A-without-plan-B-? Running to a sangoma when one small problem emanates, and to a fortune teller when we are worried about what tomorrow holds is belittling God’s capacity to help us. Don’t be fooled; God cannot be mocked. Such prostitution of our trust in God is what is refusing many people’s blessings from manifesting. God wants us to bank upon him as our only source and sustainer.

Faith operates on the platform of divine wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God. Therefore we cannot take anything that sounds like faith and run with it without deeper revelation of what the scriptures say. God speaking in Isaiah, he says, “My people perish because of lack of knowledge.” Ignorance is the toolbox of the enemy; henceforth faith built without an understanding of God’s mind will fail and frustrate us in these times. We need to karate darkness by applying the Word of God which is light. And as we do so, may we surrender to the guidance of the Holy Spirit for Christ Jesus says that he will send us the Holy Spirit who will teach us all things.

Writer: Frank F Karinga

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