Dear South Africans……..You’re ALL Xenophobic and Racist!

A Divided Africa………..

Dear South Africans,

I received the below message via WhatsApp this morning from a scared African in Pietermaritzburg and I feel it’s best I share the content of the letter with you. It has gone viral among Africans in KwaZulu -Natal. Please read.


Dear Neighbour from Africa & Other Parts of the World

We have travelled the world and have not found one country that allows the floods of humans across its borders as South Africa is experiencing. Even in wartorn part like Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and Somali.

We were 7 million people in Johannesburg City in 2011; today we have an estimated 13 million. Of course our infrastructure and services must collapse.

If you were quite prepared to disrespect the first Law of the sovereignty of our country why should you respect the rest of our laws?

We have just come out of an oppressive bloody Apartheid system while you North of the Limpopo had been enjoying freedom since 1960, 1975 and 1981 respectively.

We remember those proud milestones. But we are all still developing countries and our development must be impeded with so many strangers and illegals in our midst.

In Johannesburg alone you have taken over entire suburbs: Yeoville, Berea, Bez Valley, Turfontein amongst many. You have even moved into rural parts of our country that have 80% unemployment; and there are no visible signs that you have jobs either. But there are signs of drug-dealing, prostitution and other criminal acts that you conduct- sometimes in cahoots with desperate locals.

Your presence at this moment in our history is most destructive and destabilising to our country and our citizens.

Yes, we want to be proudly part of the geographic construct called Africa but we are as different from one another as Kenyans are from Nigerians, Ivorians from Chadians etc.

We recently received a story from the archives of teachers at a school in Cape Town. During the World Cup a group of primary school kids from different African countries north of the Limpopo were having a bloody fight in a suburb in Cape Town, South Africa/Azania, over a soccer match and one was stabbed to death and some others hospitalised. Those were kids between 9 and 11 years. They disliked one another’s countries and at the same time felt that they did not really belong in SA.

We are pleading with you to return to your home countries- as our King Goodwill and many other great leaders have asked. Go and build up those countries so that we can all live in economic, social and political prosperity and peace -as neighbours. The genocide in this corner of Africa will be far worse than what happened in Rwanda in 1994. Then the entire continent will be condemned to ashes. Is that what you want?

Our people built this country with their blood and tears, but built it we did. For you to come here and take jobs at cheaper rates, use and abuse our scarce resources (schools, hospitals, shelters, clinics, parks, streets- even our churches and shacks and open spaces to live in while shops are literally running out of food) and further add to already high crime rates, IS WRONG and IMMORAL. South Africans not fully employed or who were found guilty of crimes, were recently repatriated from Nigeria and rightly so.

Our people are preparing for war against all foreigners (from Bulgaria to Pakistan and Bangladesh to Africa north of the Limpopo) and we are all very scared. Please GO HOME and BUILD Africa. Millions will die if you don’t. This we can guarantee.

Good luck with your return

Patriotic Movement

Pan Local Forum

Unemployed Workers Forum

Anti-Crime Movement

And others.

In summary the above writer says ALL South Africans are xenophobic and racist. But I don’t agree with him. I don’t agree with him because Mandela was South African. I don’t agree with him because I have met wonderful South Africans. . I don’t agree with him because South Africans love Jesus. I don’t agree with him because some of my best friends are South Africans. I don’t agree with him because my beautiful wife is South African. I don’t agree with him because my 6month old son is South African too. South Africans are hospitable and tolerant and I believe he’s not speaking for you. Maybe only 1% of South Africans are xenophobic and racist.

What then shall we do South Africans?

Well, I am an African, born in Nigeria and residing in Johannesburg with my Zulu wife and son. Shall I leave the rainbow nation then?

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