Disappointment Can Turn A Person To A Murderer

What do you do when you are being disappointed by your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? Well we have heard this again and again that we only become disappointed because of our expectation. We just expect  too much from people, in our minds we already have the full story before it even happen and when it does not happen like we have imagine in our minds we get angry, and disappointed.

But does it mean that every time we get disappointed it is our fault, we just wanted what people cannot give. Can’t you be disappointed for right reasons; can’t we have the right to be disappointed?

My opinion is, it is natural to be disappointed by people and people will disappoint you whether you like it or not. Whether you expected it or not; your family will let you down, friends, colleagues, your brothers and sisters in Christ and even your pastor will let you down.

Have you ever been so disappointed that you start blaming God; someone will let you down so much that you will say God why did you bring this person my way? Why did you let me have any relationship whatsoever with this person. Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever felt like everywhere you go people just keep letting you down? So much that you do not want anything to do with them.

How do you deal with it? Now we have come to the agreement that we cannot avoid disappointment, disappointment is inevitable but how can we deal with it then. Do you cry? I wish; because that will just be you alone and then done and move on. Do you become angry? Well this is tough one because people do stupid things when they are angry. They want to get even and try to disappoint the person who let them down and this end up very bad. You can be angry as long as you will follow the right principle, do not let the sun go down; go to your brother or sister and confront them about the situation and find a resolution. There are also a group of people who hate when they are disappointed, it’s worse than those who get angry; they hate.

The bible equals hate to murder; “Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.” 1John 3:5

I have never been a person who hate but after studying this verse, I started to think if the is anyone in my life that I hate, but I could not think of anyone, I felt very relieved. But this came as a warning to me, on how I take my disappointments and anger in future.

Have you ever asked yourself how many people you have murdered just by hating them? Well it’s time for you to check yourselves do a little introspection, and do not let disappointments make you a murder.

Well the question would be what to do when you disappointed? Well pray about it, give it all to Jesus, after all He is our comforter and our strength. So why carry disappointments if you can just give it away and let him (Jesus) renew your hope. I am not saying it will be easy but we all know all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us. Put your trust in Christ and He will give you strength to get over your disappointment.

Fill your heart with Christ and His love and disappointments will flee from your heart and you will not find yourself acting out of disappointment but you will act out of what your heart is filled with, which will be Christ and His love.

Writer: Thulile Gama

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