DJ Prophet 777, Clubbing In The Church

His love for the Lord and his dedication to what he does is strong enough to make you love him. DJ Prophet 777 is saying all creations should praise the Lord. As Jesus did not come for the Saints only DJ 777 strongly believe that hence he is going to the clubs with the Gospel.

Your background, where you grew up, and how did it all start?

777’s Answer: I grew up in a local area called Heathfield, and then Retreat in Cape Town. You would probably not believe it but I spent some of my childhood living on the streets with my Mom and brother. I had a very difficult childhood and we were very poor.

The desire to deejay began when I was a teenager. I used to attend lots of house parties with school friends. I was fascinated by this Dance music culture from the start and when I saw turntables for the first time and heard the “phattest” tracks playing, I guess that is when my desire to DJ began. But I knew it was impossible for me to afford.

Tell me your journey as a Dj?

777’s Answer: Well it began in the year 2001/2, where I found myself on a crossroad of my life as I needed to decide if I would pursue the film or music industry. I was not sure what God wanted me to do. A minister told me to pray about it and dig in my heart concerning my desire in life. I then prayed and decided to pursue the gospel DJ route. I was convinced that God wanted me to fill that gap in the church regarding the Dance music genre in the church that had not yet been pursued. At that time I had not heard of any real gospel house artists and so my journey began with great confidence and excitement to pursue this calling. I was and I am very passionate about dance music. Dj’ing for me is about spreading positivity through gospel house music.

Your love for house music?

777’s Answer: It really started when I was old enough to go to a nightclub which was popular at the time called the ‘Space Odessey’ in Observatory (Cape Town). That was in the late 1980’s. The Djs played the coolest house music anthems. Then we would also get mix tapes (yes tapes) from a club called ‘Le Club’ & ‘Odessey’ mixed by guys like Superfly and Dj Russell (legends in those days). I would also record mix tapes from radio late night shows that only played underground house music. That was my early years of the birth of my love for house music.

Taking the genre that is known for clubs and associated with worldly things and turn it into a gospel, how and what inspired you to do that?

777’s Answer:This concept definitely didn’t start with me! It all began way back when in The USA/UK/Europe to my knowledge in the late 70’s early eighties with groups/bands/producers/dj’s like Ce Ce Rogers, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Robert Owens, Michael Watford, Sounds Of Blackness, Ann Nesby, Walter Gibbons, Farley ‘Jack Master’ Funk, Barbara Tucker, Greg Cash, Michelle Weeks & Kenny Bobien just to name a few …the list goes on and on. These people are only some of the true soldiers and pioneers of this thing we call Gospel House music today, produced especially for the night clubs scene and night life in America/Chicago, New York and eventually spreading all around the world like a flame.
In 2002 I was blessed with two turntables, two channel mixer and seven gospel house/dance records from a fellow believer in Johannesburg. In the year 2002 I made a decision to seek out Gospel house music.

I hear that you only wear white clothes, tell us about that?

777’s Answer: Yes! In the same year,2001/2 many things were happening in my spirit. I was somehow getting frustrated with the colour of my clothes I was wearing. At one stage I used to work in a clothing store and enjoyed looking well-dressed, but this time I felt I needed a change in my colour scheme. Maybe it was the soldier in me looking for a uniform?! Not fully understanding why but felt compelled to change, again I prayed about it and I felt at peace with wearing white/cream/light garments as a signature statement – but only to realize later, that God had another reason and purpose for me wearing white.I believe it was to be a prophetic statement and reminder to myself, the church and world that white is a symbol of purity, reminding us that Christ is coming back to this earth a second time and that He is coming back for His bride which is the church (His saints). He will be coming back for the church and not denominations and this church will have no spot or blemish and be pure. So after realizing why I’m really wearing this colour I said yes Lord, I will wear it as long as you want me to; and it has started many conversations. It creates an opportunity for me to share about the Lord when need be. Lol. 

How did it feel to share the stages with the biggest names in Mzansi?

777’s Answer: It felt very humbling, because I new I had nothing to do with it. It was all a set up by God. Knowing I literally had nothing, living on the streets for many years as a child with my mother and my brother; now here I am sharing the stage with these big names only showed me that God is not a respecter of background. He can raise someone up from nothing & He can bring someone down from something. I felt honoured that God has placed me in that position only for one purpose and that’s to give Him Glory.

What is your most memorable moment?

777’s Answer: One of my most memorable moments was when I as a new DJ, was given the privilege by Dj Christos to open the Grand Finale party at the first South African Music Conference in Johannesburg in year 2005. I was honoured to open up the main dance floors for legends like Black Coffee,Franck Roger,Charles Webster, Vinny Da Vinci, Jef K (from Paris) Dj Christos & many more..I was on a high for a couple of weeks after that! A great moment in my life! Joburg has got a great musical buzz and a real love for music. God was good.

Has anyone came to you and told you about being blessed by the kind of music you do?

777’s Answer: Oh yes all the time especially in church circles and even at secular events. There was one very specific time at one of my very first gigs at a very upmarket restaurant in Green Point, Cape Town. I was spinning underground Gospel house music. After my set I went for a bite to eat and bumped into one of the people who were at the cocktail bar that I had played at. This person testified that, “When you stopped your music the presence literally left the place.” He said he had to share that with me.

Who is God in your music?

777’s Answer: Wow! Nice question. God is the author and finisher of all sounds especially when I play my music. I acknowledge that at all times. Satan don’t come even close to being the creator of anything, yes not even sound, he only comes to steal, kill and destroy. But God through His Son comes to bring life and life more abundantly. God is not limited by Gospel music only; He can use secular music too to Exalt Himself. Why? Because He Is God and is not intimidated by His own creation (sound) and everything that’s good through sound gives Him pleasure, and whatever was meant for evil ,God can turn it around for good. I personally like to play gospel (made by Christians) or if it’s secular music (made by non-Christians), I try and keep it positive. Remember that the scriptures teach that whatever is good, noble and pure we must mediate on these things. My choice of music will uplift, not downgrade.

[callout title=DJ Prophet 777]I prayed about it and I felt at peace with wearing white/cream/light garments as a signature statement.[/callout]

How do you balance your life and still find time for God?

777’s Answer: I became a follower of Christ in 1995 and it has been a journey of praying and growing. To find balance can be a hard one, it comes with time/years and building a personal relationship with God. He must become your personal friend and then when we say ‘use me Lord’ sincerely of course, The Holy Spirit starts to teach you about how Jesus would probably operate around people in those times. Then you start applying a non religious attitude towards people, but yet letting the love and light of God shine in dark places. You have to find your own peace in the Lord when it comes to that. Finding time for God shouldn’t be second on our agenda – it should be a lifestyle…daily talking and walking with Him. It’s like breathing air.

Do you DJ in Church?

777’s Answer: Yes, for the first couple of years I only played in churches for a few reasons: to build confidence, to grow spiritually and mature in my dj technics and skills, allowing the Lord to minister to me and prepare me for things to come and of course educate the saints about gospel house music and other styles of club gospel music. Now, I Deejay almost everywhere possible where God opens the doors. I Deejay in churches and at non-church events (even the gay clubs – God hates the sin, but remember he loves the sinner; Jesus came for the sick, not the healthy…) At these venues I play secular and underground gospel music with the intention to plant a seed of the Lord in someone’s life.

How has the church welcome this genre?

777’s Answer: In the beginning the churches in the suburbs had to get to grips with the sound and style of the music, but eventually with teaching they have learnt that we, the church, must move with the times. In the city I found that churches were more open to this genre of Gospel House, because the energy of the city itself is more vibrant . Even there they still need more educating about this genre of Gospel music. House music is a very ‘set you free’ sound and it brings a lot of liberation when you really dance to it with purpose. The church, as a whole, has almost embraced all styles of Gospel music, but Gospel House is yet to take its place and it will come eventually.

What inspires you to wake up every morning and keep pushing?

777’s Answer: Must be the prophetic words spoken over my life and knowing that each new day has a purpose closer to my Dj goals/career. Knowing that God Is not at a distant but that He’s closer than a friend, closer than we think and He wants to lead us to our destiny. So that really inspires me to keep on keeping on.

Do you have an icon, if yes who?

777’s Answer: There are many, but I must say my wife, a real inspiration to me and knowledgeable about the dance scene. Dj Redemption, the man who propelled me into the world of Deejay; Dj Christos for making beautiful gospel house and creating a platform for me; Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk, for being a legend and pioneer in the Gospel House music scene. Michelle Weeks, a true Gospel House music Diva & pioneer. Vonita White, a Gospel House music Diva & minister. The list goes on…

What impact do you want to bring in our society?

777’s Answer: With God’s help I would like to impact my city/s by establishing Christian night clubs & non-christian clubs owned by non-religious followers of Christ, all for the Glory of God. I would like to believe that I’m preparing for the generation to come like my children. I have three children, so I am teaching them now about what I do as a Dj and why I do what I do. There needs to be a safe place for our kids to enjoy themselves too, especially teenagers, without making them feel it’s bad to enjoy themselves, especially to good house music or any other kind of music, as long as they know God is with them. Who can be against them if God is for them, but we as parents must teach them the proper way to enjoy themselves. This is especially so when it comes to clubs and night life. They probably will go to these places at some time or another, so why not teach them now and create facilities for them to go and hang out with mature people in the Lord overseeing them.

Writer: Thulile Gama

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