Dominion’s Second Album: UJehov’ Ukhona


Dominion Live CD Cover

Selected from the Joyous Celebration Choir, the seven member group that consists of young vibrant individuals is releasing a second album titled: UJehov’ Ukhona. Dominion has found a way to fuse Gospel R&B and Traditional music, UJehov’ Ukhona is a 17 track double album plus DVD that promises to satisfy you spiritually. Produced by Pastor Jabu Hlongwane, the album takes the bar that they created in their first album to another level.  Dominion agreed to sit with Parable Magazine.

What inspires you all?

We are all firstly inspired by God and then others vary from the environment within which we live, challenges, hardship and so on.

Where do you guys get your strength from?

“God is the source of our strength, our families and friends.  I get my strength from prayer” says Sandile.  “I believe so much in prayer because it draws me close to the author and finisher of my faith. I’m encouraged by an acronym ‘P.U.S.H.’ Pray Until Something Happens” says Nsiki

What is the first thing you do before you perform?

We pray and encourage each other before we go on stage

What do you do in your spare time, when you’re not writing songs or singing?

We do different things, i.e, some of us run their own businesses, some are studying, some are working, some enjoy spending quality time with their families

What does it feel like working with the likes of Jabu Hlongwane?

Working with people like Jabu Hlongwane has been an honour as he is one of the people we always watch on TV. We aspired to be like them and to finally be taken under his wing as our mentor was a privilege that one cannot take for granted as he has a great deal of experience in the music industry.

What can we expect from your album?

What you can expect from our new album is the Power of God, healing, restoration, hope and a life changing experience.

How has the feedback from your first album been, and what did this mean your group?

The response from our first album was quite encouraging and motivating. People really showed us support and were buying our album. This really meant a lot to us because it gave us the determination to go even beyond our boundaries.

Any word of advice to musicians in the country who want to make it big?

One word of advice to all aspiring musicians, singers and song writer is ‘NEVER LOSE HOPE…..HOLD ON AND KEEP PUSHING’ God will bless the works of your hands and He will enlarge your territory as you put your trust in Him.  Believe in your dreams

Writer: Lerato Princess- Teresa Mashego

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