Ended love

When I first heard Adele performs, ‘I can’t make you love me’ by Bonnie Rait, I had an “Aha” moment. I started thinking of individuals who are going or have gone through this situation- you know, falling for some who isn’t into you in the hopes that they’ll feel the same if you put yourself out there. Is it really necessary to prove your love to someone? Some will say yes and some will say no; I, on the other hand say DON’T BOTHER!

I believe in “pure love”- if that still exists. That patient, kind, does not envy, boast and is not proud kind of love. I mean if love is all those things, why should I convince someone to love me if this said person isn’t feeling these emotions for me already? Are we as a society become accustom to suffering that we think we should endure pain to be loved by someone?

The song is about a woman who loves a man but he doesn’t feel the same or doesn’t anymore. She says that ‘you can’t make your heart feel something that it won’t’, it’s as if she’s reaching that epiphany to let him go. Instead of wallowing in the realisation that this guy isn’t into her, she embraces it and gets power from it. She knows that love is not forced. In return she will leave him.
My understanding of love is that is not forced or manipulated; the person you might think is for you might not think the same way. The saying, “just let it be, if it’s meant to happen it will happen” was not created to make your journey ‘romantic’. It is self explanatory man!

It’s not wrong to want to be loved and accepted, the problem lies when you look for love in all the wrong places. Why not start with the source of love before you go looking for any other kind of love? God is love, His very nature is love. Did you know the phrase “His love endures forever” crop ups twenty-six times in Psalm 136? His love is right in front of our faces and we refuse to see it and go looking for the hurtful kind, the one that makes us upset, jealous and stresses us.
It’s like coming across a bunch of people standing in line to quench their thirst with a drop of water on a desert and someone tells you there is a huge reservoir in the east. Which sounds better? The trickle of water will only do so much but the reservoir will quench your thirst entirely. That is how God’s love is.

So stop looking for love in all the wrong places and turn to God’s love first. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to experience the love that Jesus gave to us- that ultimate act of love, when he died on the cross for us? Start with the fruit of the Spirit first. I believe that if your relationship with God is not on good terms your other relationships are bound to fail.

By: Lerato Princess-Teresa Mashego

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