Fikile Mekgoe, First Black Mrs SA

Fikile Mekgoe made history on October 6th 2012 when she was crowned Mrs South Africa. She is the first black woman to win the 12 year old pageant, which honours women who are married and successful in their careers or businesses.

 She and both her siblings we raised by an unemployed single mother in a small township called Nhlazatshe in Mpumalanga; Mekgoe had to overcome numerous challenges to get where she is right now. “My biological father passed away when I was 9, and he was the bread winner. So life became tough, there were days where we’ll sleep without food”, she mentions.

Fikile Mekgoe, amazed as her name is announced.

She explains how she and her sister Precious had to take turns wearing one jacket when it got chilly. Not only did this intensify her faith in the Lord, it made her strong as well. “I believe that God was training me to depend on Him for my dreams to come true because I had to exercise my faith.”
Although life was hard, Fikile shows that with determination, focus, and faith anything is possible. “God had a bigger plan and after so many years here we are. Life has changed; my Mom’s life has improved too, she worked as a tupperware sales lady until she became a manager. She got married to my awesome man; my new dad, Papa H Mndebele. He is a Father I never had. I can’t ask for more.”The new Mrs SA is a software engineer, a wonderful wife who adores her husband, a pastor at Christ Embassy Church (Hyde Park) and a mentor.
She says her memorable moment was the day she married her best friend Pastor Tshepo. ‘It was so special and glorious. I thank God for that. Oh my wonderful husband is just a blessing and very supportive. I always believe that God thought of me when He created him. I’m blessed to have my family. I love them.” she exclaims.

She shares that she gets her inspiration from her life purpose which is to change and touch people’s lives. “See I’m a dream come true to my hubby”, she chuckles. Not only does she see herself as a child of God she expresses her love for her Pastor, Ose Oyakhilome who is her mentor. “She taught t me how to be the best and to be a success”, she explains.

Before you think she’s superwoman, don’t fret she is a phone-loving individual just like any of us, but doesn’t love sweet things. She enjoys reading and going to the movies. Fikile is still rapping her head around her crowning, but she is so humbled by the title. “Wow, oh wow! It’s a priceless and a humbling feeling. For me this is the story of God’s grace, I’m ecstatic about it. It shows that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”, she states

Tobi Jooste, Fikile Mekgoe, Cindy Nell Roberts & ProVerb (picture)

When I asked her what we should expect from her she said one word, “change, I’m going to change my world by the grace of God. I want to make a change that can be measured.” I’m telling you that this lady is on a mission to make a difference and to inspire young women. “Live your life to the fullest, follow God’s plan for you because when He created you He gave you a purpose so live your purpose and standout. Refuse to be amongst the masses because you are unique”, she concludes.




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Writer: Lerato Princess-Teresa Mashego

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