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Mpume’s debut album cover

Singing in churches, funerals, and weddings; this new Gospel sensation from Durban is coming out with a blazing debut album titled: “Angimbonanga”, featuring the Legendary Jabu Hlongwane. Mpume Mavundla is a born again singer and songwriter who hails from Umlazi, a township in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Inspired by the word of God, people, personal experiences, her family and friends, Mpume has found a way of spreading the Gospel through music with this album. Having written half of the songs on this album Parable Magazine managed to track the MBA graduate down, and out of her busy schedule she sat with us and this is what she had to say:

Can you take us through the process you go through before composing a song?

There is no one way of doing it. It happens differently at different times. Sometimes I get a message from God or get inspired by what I see – in other words I get “this very special message” which inspires my lyrics then I start writing a song. Sometimes, I find myself singing or humming a new tune (sometimes in the middle of the night), then I normally record the tune on my cell phone or iPad. This process happens when I get the melody first before I even decide what the message is going to be, however the nature of the melody and rhythm is often determined by what kind of song ( genre) it’s going to be whether praise, worship, Zulu dance etc. Then there are best days – this is when I get inspired with the melody and the lyrics simultaneously – I just record there and then (as is – before I forget it) and edit / re- arrange later on.

Where do you get your strength from?

Firstly, I get my strength from the faith I have in God. The Bible is surely my direction and source of strength, being founded on the Word of God serves as a compass for my life. Secondly, my Family; hey are the wind beneath my wings and thirdly, my loving and supportive friends.

What is first thing you do before you perform?

I pray to God, that He gives me the strength to minister to His people and that He uses me as His vessel.

What do you do in your spare time – when you are not writing songs or singing?  

I actually have two jobs. I write and study music after hours and on weekends and I work for the Department of Education on a full time basis. I am also involved in a number of church activities, and  try to go to the gym as frequently as I possibly can. I always make time for my family and I also hang out with friends!

What does it feel like working with the likes of Jabu Hlongwane and Mthunzi Namba?

I actually met them both long before JC Fame, more than 20 years ago. We met at the University of Zululand where I was part of all their musical creations. I was fortunate to have been exposed to them at that stage when they were already on their way to being the legends that they are now. Even then I looked up to them and submitted to their profound musical leadership and strong supervision they were providing. Working with them is such a great, great honour – I have learnt so, so much!

What can we expect from your Album entitled Angimbonanga?

Firstly, Jabu Hlongwane is singing with me on the title track, I am honoured. Bongi Hlongwane, his brother, has also honoured me by featuring on two tracks. I am so favoured. The Album covers a number of genres such as Urban Gospel, Traditional Gospel Worship, and Praise. There is everything for everyone!  People must expect to be ministered unto, to be inspired by the word of God , and lastly expect a high level of Artistry and Musicianship. Expect to hear from God!

Any word of advice for musicians in the country who want to make it big?

Know who you are and what you are capable of, musically. Learn everything you can about your craft. Practice! Practice! Practice! People have respect for talent – even more for polished craft. Find role models, artists / musicians who are already successful, people you look up to – people you can learn from and learn from them. Humble yourself – have a teachable spirit & be willing to learn.

For any artist I believe it is important to put God first because He gave you that talent. To Gospel musicians specifically, live what you sing about. It has to go beyond just words because gospel music is a ministry. You are delivering the Word of God. As a vessel of God’s voice, live the Word. Make Him the Author and the Finisher of your faith and experience His success!

Writer: Lerato Princess-Teresa Mashego

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