Gospel Singer Kevin Terry Caught On Camera Having Sex With Another Man

Over the weekend, church women were throwing their wigs and stomping their feet when word got out that popular gospel singer, Kevin Terry of Kevin Terry and Predestined was featured in a s*x tape leaked to the internet.

The very explicit video shows a sanctified Terry performing oral $ex on another man on camera. It’s no doubt that it’s the young singer in the video.

Allegedly, the man who recorded the video was the one who leaked it for millions to see via internet, not to mention social network.

After the $ex tape scandal, Terry took to Facebook and decided to post a “biblical” quote in response to the embarrassing video.

“There’s nothing wrong with making a mistake, what’s wrong is not taking the effort to make it right. Soooo get up and Make it RIGHT!!!!!!,” Terry typed.

Gospel fans that commented on the post refused to believe it was Terry in the video, and even 90′s R & B singer Lil’ Mo came to Terry’s defense. However, she confirmed it was Terry in the clips posted online and even gave Terry props on his “skills” in the video.

“It’s sad when u p**s someone off and they leak $ex tapes and nudes. Even more sad when it’s a gospel artist that is my friend … No shade lowkey he diiiiiiid that. #nohands but the videographer dry snitched. Show ya face. Level the playing field. Hello,” she tweeted via Twitter.



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