Sister We Love – Salamina Mosese

I also acknowledge daily that I am where I am not by own intelligence and greatness but by God’s wonderful grace and blessing.

Salamina Mosese is a very down to earth young woman who hails from a small village in Limpopo and made it big in Johannesburg at a very young age. A lot of people will know her from Top Billing, backstage and Abomzala.
I’ve always asked myself how these Christian TV personalities keep their sanity in such an influential brutal industry.  Salamina keeps her sanity by using her judgement to decide what is best for her, and knowing why she is in the industry and she says she’s where she is today not by intelligence or greatness but by God’s wonderful grace and blessings.
She is married to a musician and TV personality Tshepo “Howza” Mosese and were blessed with one child. Being in such a small family they always pray with her family and she believes in words “A family that prays together stays together” which is so profound. Being a young working mother and wife does not affect her time with her family. She tries not to go by other people’s opinions of who she is and what she should be doing, but only listens to God’s opinion that should change what she needs to be made in her life.
Growing up she picked up a lot from her community, church and family she was always taught to be honest and be willing to stand up for what she believes in, she learnt the value of being fearless. She was thrust into a leadership position in High school, it was through this experience that made her realise she had the potential to influence people with her actions and with the position that she had been placed in.

She might not be involved in any community work at the moment but Salamina supports charities financially and with other items. By doing all this she thinks it is never enough, “there is more a person can do” it is her desire to give back in more meaningful way to the community and where she was born, where she spent a good part of her life.
There’s a lot of poverty in our communities and most of people do not really know how to eradicate this situation, her being from a small Village that is surely being faced by the same situation, she explicates that people need to be reminded of their own power to change their own circumstances. The sooner the people get out of the lull, that dependence on the government or of organisations that give to the needy, then we will see lives start to change.

As a young leader herself, Salamina believes that woman possess leadership qualities that are different from men, she says “women are more emotional than men are, and we show our emotions far more, this is a good and bad thing. Good in that we can make very compassionate leaders, who have hearts truly turned to those who we lead. However it can be bad in that sometimes decisions need to be more rational than emotional, and when you let your emotions rule, mistakes can be made. Our leadership style tends to be more consultative and more pensive.”
She defines a true leader as someone who inspires others into action and someone who sets an example and communicates to people that he or she would not ask them to perform anything that he or she would not be willing to do and has an ability to inspire change in people. She might not know it but I think she just defined herself.

By: Thato Mathe

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