If Only The Bible Was A Magic 8-Ball…

If only I could close my eyes, open it randomly, point to a scripture and find the answer. YES! NO. MAYBE? Nevertheless it does not work that way. The Psalmist writes “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Yet a lamp is of no use without oil. As Christians we search God’s Word for bearing and clarification in our lives– often returning with more problems. Some may even avoid that route and turn immediately to friends or relatives who analyse the state of affairs and enquire: “What would Jesus do?” Or they respond:
“God knows your heart, He will understand.”

I don’t know about you but more often than not, neither I nor my ‘advisor’ knows what Jesus would do. For instance, if I was invited to be program director at two different events that take place on the same day at the same time. Or if I could not decide whether to wear the Gucci boots or the Prada heals. Unless my ‘advisor’ and I know Jesus well enough to understand His way of thinking and reasoning, someone asking me what Jesus would do is of little help. Equally, saying “God knows your heart, He will understand” is the equivalent of saying “what you are doing probably won’t please God but He’ll forgive you so…”

Bible is NOT a Magic 8 Ball

Bible is NOT a Magic 8 Ball

Neither scenario is helpful. We depend on guidance from the Bible and Holy Spirit in making everyday decisions – okay, some of us do. Mostly we seek this guidance when faced with life altering decisions. Should I take that job? Should I move? Is this the right partner for me – wait… sorry  we don’t ask that last one? Principally we desire to please the Lord, live in His will and accurately represent Him through our lifestyles. If only the Bible was a magic 8-ball.Thankfully it is not.

The Word of the Lord is a lamp given to light our way so that having understood it, we neither stumble nor stray. Read (the whole book). Meditate on and study the content. Ask the Holy Spirit to grant you understanding. Apply the keys and principles to your own life. And when decision time comes,
confidently wear your preferred shoes knowing that your life reflects Christ.

Writer: Robyn-Lee Samuels

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