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Our God influences history and directions of nations and as Christians are called to do exactly that.

Maurice Radebe is founder and Senior Pastor of Agape Family Church, Sandton, Johannesburg. He has held numerous leadership positions and directorships in the private sector and is currently Managing Director of Sasol Oil Fuels Marketing, Chair of African Mineral & Energy Forum and Board Member of MEPC.

Q: You are a marketplace person and have been involved with Sasol and in the petroleum industry and also in ministry at Agape Family Church. What motivated you to be involved in both these spheres of influence?

A: When I was young I always knew I had God’s calling upon my life although it wasn’t clear whether it was a priestly calling or the type of calling that great men of God like Nehemiah and David had. These men had what some people call a kingly calling where you’re placed in the marketplace and on the corridors of power and influence. God places you there deliberately in order to make a difference for the kingdom of God. I’m quite clear in my heart and mind that God has called me to do both i.e. to serve Him in the church ministering His Word on Sunday morning and during the week through my work, business and a lot of leadership roles that one has, whether in business, community organizations or political structures. I believe that ours is not a God you can lock in a church building on Sunday morning. Our God influences history and the directions of nations and as Christians we’re called to do exactly that.

Q: What would you say has been the challenge for you in trying to attain the balance as I believe there’s a huge gap for Christians to get involved and have their feet on both sides of the fence, as it were?

A: I think I prefer to use the word integrate over balance. This because I’ve integrated my spiritual life right through my whole life – in business, work and leadership. So it’s simply a question of integrating your whole life in everything you do.

Visit Maurice at www.agapefamilychurch.co.za

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