Leadership And Social Responsibility


“Pastor Benjamin Dube, Sophie Ndaba Harrington and Pastor Mosa Sono Share on Leadership And Social Responsibility” By Solomon Izang Ashoms

Pastor Benjamin Dube

Life’s Lesson to me

Having been in the music industry for over 25 years, Pastor Dube admits to have been through hurdles, knocks and rough patches that life offers freely to each of us. However a lesson he learnt from all this is the fact that time and chance happens to everyone as he mentions in his own words that “It is not only those who are strong who have been given the battles of life but even those who are weak have been given time to prove themselves.” This is like the parable of the master who gave different talents to three servants. To one he gave 5, to another he gave 3 and the last was given 1. All of them were given the opportunity and time to do something about these talents before the master came back however not all of them used their time wisely. “Even if the Lord would call me back, I’m hoping that in the time that I have spent thus far, He would say to me, “Well done you good and faithful servant.” I have learnt to do whatsoever I do with all my might and do all I can in the time that I am given.

My Life in Music

At the core of every person’s life is a story; a story of pain and heartache, love and happiness, faith or unbelief, a beginning and a peak. This champions beginning was something most of us can relate to, slow.  There was a season in his life where he was not selling “big numbers” of records, where he and his kids literally had to get water from a public tap solely because there was no water in his house, however, thanks be unto God who has made us more the conquers.  Now known as a well-renowned leader in both the gospel industry and the entire South Africa, Pastor Dube has not only raised the standard of gospel music but has also outdone his past and has sold great numbers of records recently.


Mentorship is one of those elements that one cannot emphasize the importance of enough on a daily basis. I remember when Trevor Manuel highlighted the importance of passing on the baton to the younger generation as it assures continuity. A leader is an essential figure to be reckoned with. In every sphere and platform of life, there is a need for leadership because without leadership there cannot be wisdom, guidance and preparation. There will be passion misguided, unattained and not easy to maintain. Pastor Dube states that it is important that we always refer to those who have gone before us and laid a foundation for us as this is biblical. He further explains that when God blesses, He blesses by reference. “We know them from His word because He said though you have messed up and I could kill you because of that, but I will not kill you but bless you because of your forefathers and fathers.

It is of utmost importance that we have mentors and covering, people who will speak for us and people who are prepared to teach us by not only using mere words but by showing people how to do what to do. A mentor or leader is one who will not leave their sheep to walk alone however will take steps with them, showing them the way, getting muddy and dirty with their children for the sole purpose of ensuring that they show them what to do and how to do it. As a leader, you need to ensure that your past failures are your “child’s” glories, don’t allow them to make the same mistakes that they made, Pastor says.

Sophie Ndaba Harrington


“A leader, Sophie defines, is someone who is ready to take on any challenge that comes their way as they climb that ladder to the top. This is someone who is passionate about what they do and aren’t afraid to be who God has called them to be.” Leadership is a character that Sophie has played wholeheartedly. Not only is she leading in the entertainment industry through her role on one of South Africa’s favourite soap’s, Generations, but she is also a business woman with a lot of enthusiasm and courage.

Behind all this glam and being fabulous is a woman who through leadership and being socially responsible aims to install hope and courage to children who find themselves in a similar predicament as she was in as a young girl. Leaders are ground-shakers, world-movers and ideology-changers or enforcers and thus with The Sophie Foundation of Hope in place, this ideology-changer is making an impact in people’s lives.

Pastor Mosa Sono

In leadership

Pastor Sono stresses the issue of discipleship “I don’t think you can have a decent generational shift if you don’t intentionally involve the next generation in leadership with you while you still in your prime. You need to have them by your side, playing a role, it might not be a significant role but it is training them for the future.” People should have hands on approach to use a lot of teachable moments. “you can put a lot of people in the classroom, give a lecture, read a book, write an exam but a lot of it should be hands on, it that case when the problem arises you can be there to guide.” People don’t take disciple very seriously and it is very important it is more than mentoring.

He tells us that Jesus walked with people for more than three years and He disciple twelve men, for three years being with them in every situation because leadership is not only taught but lived.

He points out that poverty is still the biggest issue in the country the boycotts, protests and people feeling despondent and the disappointment they get from the lack of service deliverance from the government. The economic downturn and the controversy that the church is in. it is critical for the church to be the instrument of hope, in some extend the church still leads and it should towards the better.

Social responsibility

“I think Jesus ministry revolved around people. When they were hungry, He gave them food if need compassion and forgiveness that’s what He gave them and I think the social responsibility gives us a platform to speak into people lives. I think social responsibility is what we should be doing more.” Truly this pastor is called, he has the heart for the lost and he understands the pain and suffering in the world and God is helping the churches, to really do their best in helping the needy. The church should not be involved in poverty alleviation but in poverty eradication.

Pastor Mosa has a dream when it comes to social responsibility and this is his dream- “we go to the particular community of under privilege people who live in shacks and so on with God’s help and we transform the community. Build schools, houses and groom leaders, go to schools and encourage students empower the teachers to be great leaders and also go to churches and help them grow. We make sure that the church is one institution where everyone is welcomed and assisted.” Jesus mentioned that the gospel should be preached to the poor, he singled out the poor people because poverty will not only be broken by other things but by the power of God. The church should not just cause people to be slain in the spirit but it should help educate people whether in business or other aspect of life, and Pastor Sono understands this very well; it is all in his dreams. Grace bible church is helping three communities in three provinces , it has help the school in limpompo, with books and bringing teachers and the results have increased and it also help organise the school’s first matric dance. Pastor Mosa is very excited to see what God is going to do with this ministry. The world needs leaders like this who will not lead by words but by actions, leaders that will walk with people like Jesus did.

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