Life Is Full Of Tears to Smiles

From my first-hand experience I am indeed a living testimony and true believer of this significant statement from tears to smiles. Over the last few months of my life I’ve been through so many things that moulded me into the man I am today, glory is to God.

I remember at the highlight of my drugging career the amount of pain and heartache I caused my loved ones; my dearest mummy, my faithful and caring partner, my amazing little sister, my supportive eldest brother, mind you who’s also a former addict. The level of pain was so severe that it literally brought tears to their eyes, their tears in that state of mind brought only but regret and remorse for that specific moment.
As soon as a plan came up I would forget all about that drama and would indulge in my sinister activity like drinking and drugging as if nothing happened. That became a lifestyle I got use to the fact that through my actions I would bring tears to their eyes. I lost their trust, I lost their respect don’t think I lost their love though most importantly I didn’t lose the love of my beautiful lord and saviour.

He was there all the time, waiting patiently inline; Jesus was there all the time. Right through my flaws he kept his head above the water and knew that his son would come home and take up his rightful place beside him. I bet someone’s going, that’s me Julian I’m as guilty as the Lonmin miners, I possess the power to single-handedly dictate the tears in my home, my family and even relationships with friends. My dear friend I am here to tell you that your life’s destiny is not for that purpose but to actually bring Smiles, Joy and most importantly to give praise.

Smiles, ever since I gave up that life and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour whom I believe is the only way one can truly be delivered from drugs. I managed to have won the loved ones over that I have wronged, I regained their love, their full support, their respect, that trust that once existed. I reclaimed that honour I once carried. I, by the grace of God played roles from the villain to the hero! I brought many tears, which I am not proud of but not long after that struck them with a little more smiles and joy! The 360degree turn from Tears to Smiles unfolded.

Speaking to a lady the other day made me realise the difference, I could hear in the tone of her voice, I could sense the joy she had within and I could even see her bright smile on her face as she was telling me about her daughter’s deliverance from drugs! If you think about it a few months ago it was the complete opposite. Thank you Jesus for stepping down and assisting us with issues greater than us!

Have you ever sat and thought what your lifestyle does to the women that carried you for 9months? The girl that stood by you through all that you’ve put her through, your friend that’s tired of covering up for you, your sister that can’t stop crying as it actually went has far as a state of depression due to your lifestyle, your kids that are even so ashamed to be associated with you, your wife that got married to you because she thought that you were the best thing under the son? What am I doing to them! The sad part is that by drugging you only bring smiles those drug demons, those invincible merchants; those blood sucking money lenders, those no good so called friends that loves having a good time on your expense while causing nothing but tears on the other end of the seesaw? I need you right now to stop thinking about yourself and your filthy habit, living in a world of total denial and bare those in mind that really love you, that kind of love that the merchants may never be able to offer. The ones that shed tears, lots of it! Why don’t you for a change bless them with smiles instead of tears where the only tears you do bring are those tears of joy! What more joy do you bring to our father which art in heaven if you surrender and allow Jesus to control you as appose to being a tear-distributor! Think about it, long and hard is it really worth it?

Suggested Readings: Psalm 39:12, 121:5 and 116:8, Luke 7:38, 15:7, 1 Peter 4:13, Matthew 13:20, Acts 8:8 and Ecclesiastes 2:10

From tears to smiles and smiles to tears you have been there and helped me through. Even when you don’t say a thing you were still there and that’s what I love Jesus. Your my best friend indeed and always love you. Thank you for everything! Friends, Jesus has your best interest at heart, I know he does.

Writer: Julian Morgan

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