Loving The Bad Man

LOVING THE BAD MAN is a movie about a Christian girl who actively seeks to forgive and minister to a violent man who raped her. The movie opens with two parallel stories. Julie (Christine Kelly) is a devout Christian whose beliefs are evident at work and at home. Mike (Arturo Fernandez) is an angry young auto mechanic with a chip on his shoulder. The two paths converge when Julie has a flat tyre just outside a bar where Mike is drinking himself into oblivion over an incident where he punched out his employer for accusing him of being a thief. The bartender convinces Mike to help Julie and he does. When Julie tries to give him money, he feels insulted and in a rage winds up chasing her down and raping her (the actual rape is not shown).

Watch how these two worlds collide, just to show how great God is in our lives. The forgiveness is only found in God.

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