Embarrassing Moments

I’m sure all of us have had something totally embarrassing happen to us, when you felt as though the world could open up and swallow you. So often we wish that we could reverse time, and maybe do things differently, but if you really think about it even if you could reverse time, you would do the same thing because you would have no knowledge of what’s to come, so instead of dwelling in the past, or what has happened, face the consequence head on.

Wishing that you were swallowed by the earth will not make anything better, instead it will make it worse, because every chance you get you will try ducking for the nearest hole and you will never get to deal with it and that could haunt you for the rest of your life.

Life is about making mistakes and learning from them, also about give and take, what you give to the world will determine what the world will allow you to take. Sometimes you might feel that every one is laughing at you, any time you go past someone they laughs, instead of beating your self down join them and laugh at yourself as well, the is nothing that ends an embarrassing moment and memory like laughing at yourself, I know it sounds stupid. Next time you fall in front of your school mates or colleagues don’t feel sorry and ashamed, when they start laughing or before they start laughing at you get up or stay down and laugh.

If you find that your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend laughs at you, and it hurts you talk to them, let them know how you are feeling so that they understand that you don’t like it.

Sometimes we are made to do embarrassing things by our friend , so that we can fit in with them or so that we can be different, but you are the one always getting into trouble and the eyes stare. Eyes in that sense are not always good and gaining attention in a manner that is dimensioning to you or anyone else is not the best way. Love yourself and respect you and those aroun

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