Modern Women vs The Word

Some people say leaders are born and some say they are made, regardless, leaders play a crucial role in all spheres of our lives; from our government leaders to church leaders, community leaders and the leaders in our very homes.

Talking about leadership at home, who should be the leader? Is it the one with the bigger bank account? Is it the man or the woman? According to 1Corinthians 11 vs 3 and Ephesians 5 vs 22 and 23, the man is the leader. This may not be politically correct but it is what the Word says.


Leadership, just like freedom, comes with responsibility. That means that just because the man is the head and a leader in his household, does not mean he must make careless decisions. He should lead by example and be a responsible leader. A man should be able to provide for his family. A lot of christian households are in limbo because women these days are at a point where they end up being providers in their households as well as caretakers of the family. Things have changed, most women are successful in their careers and strive for that success with the aim of being an ‘independent woman’.There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but the word says it is the man who is supposed to be the provider even if the woman can hold her own. This then creates a problem where some women heading companies may want to be the head even at home or may be bent backwards providing for their families to a point of losing respect for the man.


It shouldn’t be a problem for a woman to submit to a God fearing man who can provide for his family but if it happens that for any reason the man is challenged in that department the best thing would be to deal with the issue at hand instead of turning against the Word which clearly states that a man is the Leader/Head of the household.

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