Nqobile Ngidi Reaching New Heights

A young talented gospel singer Nqobile Ngidi, from the dusty streets of KZN came with the dream to sing and praise God. Parable Magazine chats with him from the times of “I Want To Sing Gospel” to now as a recording artist, his journey is revealed.

Your Background?

I am from Greytown, Emakhabeleni, that is where I was born and breed and I also matriculated there in 2003. From there I moved to Durban in 2004 to look for a job because of financial constrains. I couldn’t afford to go to school and further my studying and I also couldn’t afford to sit at home and do nothing. When I got to Durban I couldn’t find a job because of my lack of education, so I started a small business selling sweets on the streets just to support myself and my business grew, I even put public phone and more things to sell.

When I was reading a newspaper one day I saw on the paper that there were auditions for “I Want To Sing Gospel” but I was not confident enough at the beginning, even though I used to sing lead at the school choir. With some few friends we started a singing group but it didn’t work out, however I always had that desire that one day I will sing for the whole of South Africa and abroad.

How did it come about?

One day while I selling on the streets and singing just to pass time , a former winner of I want To sing Gospel , Siphumelele, passed by and heard me sing and said I should go and audition because I have a great voice and that boasted my confident and I decided to go and give it a try.

2011 June I went to the Durban auditions when I was told that I made to the next round, I didn’t believe it and all I could do was just to praise the Lord for the amazing opportunity He has brought my way. When I made it to the top 10 that was pure grace not because of my talent.

I did not win the competition, I was vote out at Top 7 but to me that was more than a win. I didn’t believe that out of 8000 people who can sing I was left in the top 7. However I was disappointed that I didn’t win but because singing was so much a part of me I just could not let it go like that, so first I went home sad and I cried. With the grace of God there were producers who were interested in my talent. Hlengiwe Mhlaba approached me and she wanted to work with me and from there we went to the studio and produced my album and she mentored me in the process.

Your music?

My debit album was out on the 30 April 2012 at retail stores. When you listen to it you will know where I come from and the level I was in and where I am now. The cover song is a known song that says “Mana njalo phezu kwezimpilo zethu” but this known song sounds different because of my personality, I made it my own. It will heal and comfort people. We must not forget that there are struggles out there and people need hope and this album connects with people and it gives them that hope.

What can SA expect from you, what is different than what it already has?

I want South Africa to grow with me spiritually and in my music as I am young. I still need to develop myself and my music. My music is not about the money but it brings reconciliation with God and his people God needs your heart. People need revival and to be deeper in the word of God- John 14:13. We must bring all the glory to God and stop taking it for ourselves.

Nqobile shows so much passion for the Lord and his music and he is still such a family man, because his dream is to build his mother a house and help improve his family living conditions.

Writer: Thulile Gama

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