Sometime we do this because we a want to get prizes or we want praises. Why do we put ourselves up for such high expectations, just to get disappointed.

When you are setting up your goals, don’t set something that will need to be determined by someone else, like working to please someone, run a race knowing your own strengths.So many people work hard to get what they think they deserve, and one little thing can change everything , we can lose what we worked hard to get because of something we say or the person we are, once you become different and not what everyone wants you to be, you are immediately cast aside and treated differently. But do not change yourself to suit those around you but change to suit yourself.

Become your own prize, be the one who holds his/her own rewards in her/his hands. Life can throw things at you, it is up to you how you handle them and take them. So work hard so you can handle whatever life throws at you and do not take it to heart unless it is worth taking into heart if it will build you and make u a better person.

The is one thing that we as people need to learn in our work ethics, we should stop trying to please people all the time, but we should work to please ourselves. Life does not wait for anyone, but moves with time so ride on the wave that life brings to shore, pick up shells washed up on the shore find value in what others cannot find value in.

Sometimes the prizes we get in life blinds us from our true selves, we get so tied up in the title of the prize and try to live up to it, forgetting who we are, don’t ever compromise yourself for someone else’s happiness . it is time you look out for yourself, and make you happy.

How do you know if you are happy at your work place? You become productive in whatever you do. Prizes come and go, but your individuality stay forever, your personality changes with you. We take it so hard when we do not get what we think we deserve, we usually get saddened and disappointed and it can make one go crazy and mad. So stop trying to gain praise and prizes from other people, do things for yourself and be content, don’t feel hurt or discouraged when you don’t get the praising or what you want. It is your life, take charge and make it what you want.

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