Sleeping With the Enemy

How do I start telling you this?

I used to have a long bar of the things I look for in a man. But if you asked me today what I look at in a man, I would say – A God Fearing Man. It might sound cocky but it is what it is. The bar will probably follow, but the ‘Fear of God’ is a deal maker.However, the fact that you go to church does not make you God fearing to me, it is your character that counts the most and the way you relate to God when you are not inside church.

Over the years I have learned that some people behave the certain way when they are at church and another when outside. This got me thinking, so why not just date a guy who doesn’t go to church at all, what’s the different really?

What fuels these thoughts is also the fact that many other sisters and even close friends date non-believing brothers and eventually marry them, while you are still keeping yourself and waiting for that deserving man.

But as a young single Christian woman, I am each day challenged by my inner self and my inner intelligence; I am trying to make sense of everything.

Is it that bad to fall in love with someone who has no faith in God at all? Is it such a big sin if I fell in love with someone who has a complete different faith? I mean what if God wants me to change this guy? What if he is everything I want but the only missing –the God fearing part?

I am not going to pretend that I am not tempted from time to time but by grace I always reminded that “ There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” ; Provebs 14: 12.

So tell me ladies out there, am I the only one who have these thoughts and what’s your take on this?

Writer: Nontobeko

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