Specially written for those who love too hard!

As a devout Christian, it is against my principles to talk about people behind their backs but let’s face it-at some point in our lives; we have all been fascinated by a bit of gossip. There’s just something intriguing about being there as the drama escalates that leaves one tempted to want to share the “juicy new scoop” with others.

By the most amazing stroke of luck, I always seem to bump into the latest scandals in my neighbourhood. The other day, I was walking down the street minding my own business when I noticed a mysterious black sports car parked in a dingy and dark corner away from the pale glow of the street-lights. Every evening, I detected this particular car coming around and parking in the same dodgy spot. This immediately sparked my curiosity. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to conduct a thorough investigation.

One evening when the car came around, I took it upon myself to finally solve this mystery. As I walked towards the stationary car, I caught a glimpse of a couple lip locked in a passionate kiss. I could not see their faces properly in the dark; I could only make out the silhouettes of their heads and shoulders. After a few minutes, the passenger side door flung open. What happened next made my jaw drop in amazement. I could not believe my eyes when I saw who stepped out of the car- It was my neighbour’s wife; she had been having an affair.

Given the secretive nature of her infidelity, she crept quietly into her home assuming no one saw her. While I digested what I had just seen, it struck me how true love is so hard to find. I thought about her husband and how much he loved her- I had never met a man with so much love for his wife in my entire life. His reputation for being a hopeless romantic made me imagine the emotional pain and anguish he is likely to feel when he discovers the secret his “better half” is keeping. It struck me how unfair the whole situation was on him. The more I thought about the dire situation, the more these three questions lingered in my mind- should I tell my neighbour his wife is unfaithful? Should I have a serious chat with his wife? Or is it none of my business? I decided to sleep over my decision.

As I lay in bed later that night, I struggled to sleep. I was still mortified by the chain of events. I still could not believe that this seemingly ethereal woman held in such high regard in our community was capable of adultery. In a reflective mood, what I had witnessed made me re-evaluate my personal life. It made me think, “Is my girlfriend living a double life as well”? Can I trust her completely? Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by a loud yell. Through the thin walls of my room, I could hear the couple next door fighting. Hearing this loud uncontrolled argument between the couple was an unpleasant experience .I felt instantly embarrassed for the unhappy couple but for some reason I could not help being captivated by the drama.

I listened closely as emotions ran high. I heard my neighbour shout in anger, “how could you do this to us!!” – And I knew right then that he had some how found out about his wife’s affair. “I don’t love you anymore. I’m not sure I ever did. I’m moving out.I want a divorce” was her cold response to her hurting husband.Moments later, I heard a loud bang and screams echo throughout the midnight air. Someone had been shot. The sirens of police cars and ambulances driving into the neighbourhood drew the residents out from their houses. My neighbour had reportedly committed suicide after the argument with his wife. He was 35 years old. When Cupid pulls an arrow from his quiver and loads it into his bow- he aims at his target, pulls back and let’s the arrow fly through the air, striking the subject straight in the heart. The side effects of this “tranquilizer” are an inner warmth and fuzziness as a result of falling madly in love with someone. Some people even say that they can’t eat, can’t sleep, and can’t stop thinking about their new love.

The biggest challenge of a hopeless romantic is dealing with the harsh realities that there is no magical sunset to ride into and live happily ever after; that relationships are hard work and sometimes life forces one to deal with the unpleasant pain of a dagger through the heart. Sadly, some people commit suicide in an attempt to escape the pain like my neighbour did. I learned many valuable lessons about love from his tragic story. As a result, I have concocted a simple theory I believe anyone out there suffering from a broken heart should remember (no matter what the circumstances are) – when one door of happiness shuts, God always opens another.

Writer: Adelani Ogunrinade

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