The 8 Pillars of Excellence

The 8 Pillars of Excellence: John C. Maxwell

Most of us want to be excellent in everything we do. We are eager to achieve success in life and be a good leader. But how do we develop our leadership skills, and which actions yield true, lasting success? Do you know whether you’re taking steps in the right direction?

The 8 Pillars of Excellence combines two of John Maxwell’s most popular guides to becoming excellent: The 4 Pillars of Leadership and The 4 Pillars of Success. This convenient single-volume edition is a must- have for anyone who is serious about boosting their potential and learning how to stand out head and shoulders above the rest. It answers questions such as:

Where should I focus my time and energy?
How can I gain the trust of others?
How can I grow in my career?
How can I inspire others to excel?
How skilled am I in my work?
How can I grow as a leader?

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