William Sejake Makes It Out of Joyous Celebraion

Born in Vaal, Gauteng; William Sejake is known for his wonderful voice in the prominent gospel group, Joyous celebration. He shares with us on how it all started.

While growing up in the Vaal, Sebokeng William used to sing in various groups; Vaal Sounds Choir, Voice of Victory just to name a few. Before he was discovered in the music industry he used to be a fashion designer just to make a living and during weekends he will sing at weddings and any other events to mature his skills.

Using his talent to entertain the people in his neighbourhood, he was discovered singing at a wedding. Then he went for Joyous Celebration auditions and that is where he got his big break. William share with us his fond memories in Joyous, “If I could I would go back to Joyous in any given day that is where I completely fell in love with music”.

[callout title=Sejake]The is no order it is every man for himself.[/callout]

Like most South African musicians William speaks of his disappointments when it comes to the music industry, “there is totally no order it is every man for himself”. He is not the first to bring this up however not much has been done even if many of our local musicians have came out and spoke about it. Who is supposed to take a stand for them? I wonder.

He says the companies do not invest much in their artists and that results in the lack of publicity for an artist and that is why we have many one hit wonders in South Africa.

After seven years in Joyous Celebration, Sejake has released an album and that has been doing very well. William Sejake is one of the most loved and revered Gospel artists ever featured on Joyous Celebration CD and DVD recordings.

Sejake’s rendition of ‘Bonang Ho Hlahile Maru’ on Joyous Celebration 12′ and ‘O Mohau’ on ‘Joyous Celebration 13’ are among his most popular song’s

This talented singer had the chance to shine on his own with ‘Yekubuhle’, the album sees Sejake deliver moving Gospel songs in English, Xitsonga, Zulu and Sesotho. Sejake doesn’t disappoint on that album.

William believes in taking every opportunity that comes and his years of singing at weddings and in township events has prepared him for bigger platforms. He says if you have a talent do not sit with it and hope for one day, use it and when one day comes it will find you ready. He looks up to artist like Kirk Franklin and Donnie McClurkin, who has stay for years in the industry and keep going strong. What he also loves about them is their love for worship and praise.

Writer: Thulile Gama

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