Your Dream, A Piece Of The Bigger Picture

A dream is a journey that will make you find yourself in unfamiliar, unusual, and unexpected stops.

“Dream Big”. “If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough”. These motivational statements have helped us look beyond our circumstances unfortunately they don’t share what makes a dream big or what defines a scary dream because what you are dreaming of, someone has made it his or her reality; that makes the dream achievable and makes it less scary.

We are born to fulfill something on this earth, and becoming an executive is part of it not the destination. We are not only created to live but to live for each other.

Our dreams might have been impossible when we were still children but they got more relevant as we grew up. We conceived dreams and worked really hard to make them a reality. Have you discovered that your dream wasn’t big enough? Has that happened to you? If not, believe me you will get there.

A dream is a like a caterpillar that will turn to a cocoon and soon become a butterfly. You are born into a dream, which its influence is your situation and the people around you. It brings comfort and hope. If you don’t get to live it, it might be because of lack of resources and drive. At this phase, achieving something and becoming somebody significant drives you.

The dream grows into what you can’t control; you are bound to become a cocoon when you are born a caterpillar. It is scary because it is unfamiliar and it is bigger than you. You can’t work out what you have to do to reach the dream like in the first phase. It therefore comes with a lot of uncertainty and room not to react because only you and God know about it.

What’s revealed is bigger than you thought. It is scary, it rattles your comfortable life, and without any doubt you know that you never thought of your dream this far.

Growth is good; it proves we aren’t stagnant. But it’s hard. It is hard for a butterfly to come out of a cocoon because it isn’t familiar with the process. That is its first experience but it does come out eventually, with stronger wings.

“There are two ways of processing events in life,” says Bob Buford, “One is reason and one is faith. Let’s say our life is 3 feet long. Most of life is reasonable up to a point. We can use our reason for 2 feet and 11 inches. However, that last inch is incomprehensible. It makes no sense… We go as far as reason will take us, but the spark of faith has to bridge the gap.”

Writer: Mzikayise Sithole

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