20 Lies Told By Fifty Shades of Grey

The novel Fifty Shades of Grey was published three years ago, it sold 100 million copies. It’s purely a porn novel. The book was dubbed porn for single and married women because it is sexually graphic and full of crude language, and also because the protagonist Christian, a young billionaire who expects his girlfriends to totally submit to his sexual tastes—which involve whips, chains, handcuffs and grey neckties.

The movie version of the book was released in theatres across South Africa on 13th February 2015. I have not read the books or seen the movie, and I will not. I’ve read about the story, reviews and have seen the trailer a few times. I believe I’ve learned enough to write and warn my brothers and sisters in Christ. The main theme is that sex is selfish, manipulative, and even playfully violent will abuse and violate you. It might feel like a fun and harmless fantasy. It is dangerous for a country like South Africa where rape and abuse of women is rive.

May I also remind you that The Institute of Security Studies did a research project in 1999 which showed that there’s a high level of murders and rapes perpetrated against women.

– 90% of the women interviewed in the research had experienced emotional abuse: being humiliated in front of others was most commonly reported.

– 90% had also experienced physical abuse: being pushed or shoved and being slapped or hit were highlighted.

– 71% had experienced sexual abuse: attempts to kiss or touch followed by forced sexual intercourse occurred most often.

– 42.5% of women had experienced all forms of abuse.

– 60% of all cases of abuse were committed by partners, lovers or spouses.

Movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey will only encourage the abuse, rape and murder of women in South Africa and the world over. Here are 20 lies told by the movie Fifty shades of Grey:

1. Love is selfish and does not sacrifice for others

2. Do whatever is wrong to please yourself

3. A man could ask a woman to accept whippings, floggings, spankings, canings, paddling without hesitation, inquiry or complaint.

4. A woman should submit to abuse

5. There is pleasure in pain for women

6. Women should be sexual slave, especially if your boyfriend is rich, handsome and has his own helicopter.

7. Women who read graphic porn novels will not gravitate toward the types of abusive relationships depicted in books like Fifty Shades.

8. It’s okay for the lead character Christian to tell his lover Ana “I will hurt you, but I will buy you nice gifts so you will stay with me.”

9. The physical pain a man would inflict on a woman is not as bad as the pain of losing him

10. Attention women get from their abuser is better than no attention at all.

11. Abuse of power, by a man over a woman is normal

12. Female inequality to man is okay

13. Sexual violence must be tolerated by women

14. Women can ‘fix’ violent, controlling men by being obedient and loving.

15. A man wants a woman—but on his own terms.

16. The movie will help your marriage.

17. Abuse and violent sex will heal that deep hurt and need for intimacy in your own heart.

18. It’s okay for a man to use sex to control, manipulate and introduce pain to a woman

19. Stay single and have any kind of sexual lifestyle you desire

20. Be selfish, be selfish, be selfish

Have we lost our moral focus that we are today celebrating such an anti-woman story because we see it as another way for women liberation?

Sadly Fifty Shades of Grey is a dangerous fantasy that will give women unrealistic , false expectations and convince them into accepting abusive and violent behaviour from men. Avoid it.

Have you read the book or watched the movie? What is your opinion?

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