Exposing Satan’s Playbook

An expose on the secret strategies Satan uses to defeat us. How would your life change if you could acquire advanced knowledge about attacks against you or your family – a ‘pre-attack download ‘? In Exposing Satan’s Playbook, Perry Stone exposes the questions Satan hopes you never ask, and the strategies he hopes you never discover, including:

• Just who is Satan?
• Can Satan read my mind?
• Can a Christian be possessed?
• Who has authority over death?
• Does Satan know God’s will for me?
• What is his greatest weapon?
• Can he put a generational curse on a Christian?

The author also explains the three biggest bluffs of the enemy:

• He makes people think he is all-present
• He makes people think he is all-knowing
• He makes people think he is all-powerful

Author:Perry Stone

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