3 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs A Man Like Jay Z

3 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs A Man Like Jay Z

Posted: May 14, 2014 in RELATIONSHIP
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Everyone around the world is talking about the video that shows the “drama” between rapper, Jay Z and his beautiful sister-in-law,

Jay Z – Keeping it in the family

Solange Knowles. We may never know the truth because there was no sound and because of that I wouldn’t want to speculate about what really happened or not – I don’t condone Solange’s attack on her brother-n-law either. It’s a family affair, only they know why (some say Solange flip out because she has a hot temper or because Jay Z did something wrong to her sister and she felt the need to defend Beyonce by using her fists).
With Jay Z’s reaction to Solange’s attack, I feel he acted in a very decent, modest and gentleman way. Like a true husband, brother-in-law and leader. So ladies, with his reaction I believe there’s a “Jay Z” in a lot of men. Here’s why?
1. Real men don’t hit women – Jay Z didn’t give her a taste of her own medicine – like a true gentleman he defended himself without retaliating despite his sister-in-law kicking, punching and throwing her shoes on him. He controlled himself.
2. Real men understand family – Jay Z understood that by forming a partnership with Beyonce, there are issues you have to deal with, sometimes complicated.
3. Real men have a family vision – it is obvious Jay Z has a vision for his family – a vision of peace, unity and understanding. By refusing to act like a thug he showed that he is not just a great business man but a great father, husband and brother-in-law.
What would you do if someone in your family attacked you physically?

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