… we try to be salt, not sugar.

Parable Magazine likes to report good news about lifestyle but we don’t make it soft ‘n’ sweet. We also report bad news because Christ’s grace becomes most meaningful and relevant when we’re aware of sin. We want to be tough-minded but warmhearted and loving.

We do not represent any interest group, ministry or political party but totally dependent on God. We refuse to let advertisers influence stories, blogs and articles. We don’t print glorified press releases and stories. We respect the office of the President, Premier, Mayor, Pastor, Bishop and leader, but we will be critical when necessary—even with those whose policies and vision we generally agree with. We criticize immorality and corruption, even when (sometimes especially when) it erupts among Christians.

We look for provocative and evocative news story ideas that are the result of pavement-pounding rather than thumb-sucking. We want our readers to enjoy the lifestyle God has set for us (John 10:10)

We stand for factual accuracy and biblical objectivity, trying to see the lifestyles as best we can the way the Bible depicts it. Journalistic humility for us means trying to give God’s perspective. We distinguish between issues on which the Bible is clear and those on which it isn’t. We also distinguish between journalism and propaganda: We’re not willing to lie because someone thinks it will help God’s cause and we offer an open forum for discussion of the news that arises at the intersection of religion and culture.

We believe our lifestyle must glorify God – now. We like sex, within marriage. We are not legalistic – but we don’t abuse grace. We read novels, go to movies, and listen to Afro pop, but also jazz. We sometimes prefer bunny chow to burgers. We cover movies, yoga, artists, and travel; we aren’t Christians with rules against anything that’s fun because God made fun, too.

We cover all aspects of lifestyle and news: national, international, and cultural; politics and business; medicine, science, technology, fashion, food, beauty, music and sports.