Cross Roads

Cross Roads; from the author of 18 Million copy bestseller- WM. Paul Young takes us to the journey into the soul of man.

In this story Young takes on the concept of the Soul. What is it? What does it look like? We follow a man who had it all, wealth, fame, etc… but used his family as a stepping stone as well as anyone else who got in his way. When his life is suddenly traumatized and he finds himself in a coma we begin to see what takes place.

Follow Tony as he journeys through the here and now visiting in the minds of those surrounding him. And what happens when Jesus himself tells Tony that he could heal one person? Will the selfish man win, or will Tony experience a change in heart?
As always, since this book deals with the Trinity, and deals with the Soul and the topic of what happens when a body is not dead but not full of life, there will be controversy. Expect it, and embrace it. Learn from it!

As Tony discover the purpose of life and learn to unlearn all the selfishness in his life, he also find himself crying a lot, when he discover that his life has been a lonely distracted place that needs to be taken care of.

“Imagery,” added Grandmother, “has never been able to define God, but it is our intention to be known, and each whisper and breath of imagery is a little window into a facet of our nature. Pretty cool, eh?”

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