Eyebags and Dimples

As Bonnie Henna found her new hope in Christ, she is ready to share with no shame to the world about her past, all the good, the in-between and the ugly. She reveals it all in her book. She is opening her life as a book for everyone to know, her struggles and weaknesses as she is strengthened in the Lord Jesus.

Eyebags and Dimples is Bonnie Henna’s autobiography, where she discloses her life and her dreadful marriage. In this 239-page book she adds this about her marriage: “The most hurtful thing for him had been my distrust of his intentions. I had accused him of not having my best interests at heart; I always suspected him of ulterior motives, and had often accused him of deliberately trying to hurt me. These dreadful moments had really scared him.”

[callout title=Bonnie]I was embarrassed and confused. How could a nonentity like me – awkward, skinny and ugly as I was – even entertain such a thought? There were plenty of popular kids who would easily qualify for such a feat.[/callout]

Born in Soweto, Bonnie Henna was discovered at a bus stop at the age of 13, on her way home from school, by an agent who soon got her a job on the television series Viva Families. She is an internationally renowned actress with film credentials that most South Africans can only dream of.

She has been on a wide range of TV shows from presenting to acting and everything else in between. Bonnie was a lead actress on Backstage and has more recently been on Rhythm City. In 2011 she made it to the top three of Survivor Maldives. She has three Hollywood movies under her belt: Invictus, Catch A Fire and Drum.

Get to know Bonnie’s life in her autobiography and see how God can turn lives around and restore peace in a broken spirit.

Writer: Thulile Gama

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