Free Will Leads Blame Follows

I have heard so many conversations about the leadership of this country (S.A). I have read so many papers that talks about it and almost all the time; it is of how bad it is and how much it does not care of the people being lead. It is more than obvious that people are not happy with the way they are lead; even though they are the ones that elected the leaders.

I came across this verse “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Rom 13:1” I couldn’t help it but to wonder, if we as people are not certified with God’s appointing of leaders or maybe God just let us use our free will on this one. Just to point out the worse leader in history, Hitler the world worse leader many people (especially Jews) were killed under his instruction, did God have anything to do with the appointment of Hitler? Coming to Africa the bad man Mr. Robert Mugabe, most people when they hear his name they think of every bad word they ever heard just to describe him.

People consider him one of the worst leaders in Africa. He has been in the presidential seat for 25 years and still demands power and a multitude of people have been killed under his leadership. Remember the verse “and the authorities that exist are appointed by God”. With our humanly minds that is totally ungodly, that a leader would have people killed and suffer and still God will not raise other leaders to take over. But was it really God?

Coming back, home; South Africa our first democratic president is considered a God-sent an angel in disguise. This is the only president that people are truly saying he was appointed by God. Why? Is it because he stayed for one term and left before people would start to judge him. Or is it because of his good heart? Mr Mandela is a good man and he is one of the greatest presidents a world could ever have, but does this mean only he was appointed by God and the rest was just man exercising their free will that always lead into destruction.

Then it was Thabo Mbeki, he was not that bad, nobody was killed or maybe reported killed during his leadership. The country was not too bad even with the inflation rate, people losing their jobs; it was more or less the world problem than it was Thabo Mbheki’s. He was kicked out from power by the people, who elected him, did God have anything to do with that too. Did He put him there? Did he take him out? Or it was all the free will He installed in the human race?

Jacob Zuma came in and the country did not want him from the beginning, they knew all his faults and weaknesses from the start. The polygamy life that he lives; the number of criminal charges against him; was this God’s choice? Did God actually appoint this person to lead or yet again it was the humanly will to do things their own way. God knew all about Zuma’s flaws but still permits him to lead the country, even though the nation cast their votes God had already known that. Nothing catches God by surprise, He knows the past, present and the future.

With all this said, I would think that nothing takes place without God’s permission; God permits such leaders to lead his people. He is in control and when He says, all authority is from Him and that He appoints leaders I believe Him. However we cannot run away from the fact that we have free will and we use it to go against God’s will most times. If there was a godly man running for presidency, a man that would use every godly standard from the bible, how many people would actually vote for him? Jesus came people rejected Him using their free will, so do we have to blame God when the leaders mess up. How about we take it to ourselves and try to choose leaders as God told us to; in the book of 1 Timothy chapter 3 God tells us how we must choose leaders.

People do not want to use God’s principle of electing good leaders but when things go bad they are quickly to quote verses saying God puts them there, He permits it because of the free will He gave to us. If God will hand pick a leader that leader would do more good than bad and he would always seek God in his weakness, as David did. With all this said we are called to respect (Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities) those in authority, so let’s give them respect and try to use God’s standard in electing our future leaders.

Writer: Thulile Gama

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