Malema, Is There Any Truth To Your Words?

He’s at it again; you see him in the news, being chased away by police at Wonderkop stadium and now it’s the criminal charges. Julius Malema is no stranger to the media; I would worry if a month goes by without seeing him in the news. I remember thinking to myself, “where is Juju”, because he had disappeared from my television set. The mining strikes began and boom there he was. I was so relieved because I thought ‘they’ (whoever they are) had killed him and kept his death on the hush.

Some perceive this man as a trouble maker for the ruling party, a youth freedom fighter, or a spoiled child brought up by the ANC throwing his tantrums because he didn’t get what he wanted. Malema is facing criminal charges and it is alleged that he owes Sars 16m rand; if he doesn’t pay Sars he stands a good chance of losing everything. His home in Polokwane, bungalow in Sandown, Sandton, (that is still being renovated), and both his farms. What is Juju going to do? I would be so afraid to place a foot out of line, but not the 31 year old man. He was all smiles in court- does he know something we don’t? An article by Kashiefa Ajam titled: “Malema lawyer angry over warrant” says, “After his court appearance he (Julius Malema) proclaimed his innocence to a crowd who had gathered. He said he believed senior government officials had prompted law enforcement authorities to arrest him in order to silence him and disrupt his political activities.”

Now does this look like a man who is guilty? When President Zuma was facing 16 counts of corruption, bribery, money laundering and racketeering involving about 4m rand (£291,000), I was convinced he would be convicted but thanks to Judge Nicholson he wasn’t  Resembling our dear President, Malema is arguing his innocence as well. Could history be repeating itself? It seems like a coincidence to have these charges come up a few months before Mangaung, since he has been protesting against Zuma serving a second term.

It has been reported that a member of the Gauteng provincial executive committee said, “We have reached a point at which the type of leadership we elect in Mangaung should take this country to another level. [If we fail to] do so, we will all be punished come the national elections in 2014.” The question is; can Zuma take this country to the next level?

Although the Public Protector’s report is not publicly available; Malema’s attorney Nicqui Galaktiou has, according to the Mail & Guardian written to the National Prosecuting Authority allegedly stating that the Public Protector could find “… no evidence or information… during the investigation of any involvement of Mr J Malema in the procurement process.” You have to ask yourself, if there is any truth to this statement.

Some might think the bad blood between Malema and Zuma stems from the dynamic shift Malema made; however, his battle could possibly have both a negative and a positive impact on the country.  We need to re-evaluate if the country has time for ‘trial and error’ with one individual. Take some notes from the soccer teams- hiring new coaches when their expectations aren’t been met. It’s only logical to give Kgalema Motlanthe a try, and if he fails the country…NEXT!

Writer: Lerato Princess-Teresa Mashego

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