Minaj Compares Lack of Credit to Jesus’s Death

Nicki Minaj is scheduled to re-release her second studio album with new tracks including her latest effort titled “Freedom” where the rapper compares herself to Jesus Christ.

In the recently released “Freedom” single on “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up”, the 29-year-old rapper spoke about her rise to fame and the lack of credit that she receives. In the beginning of the song, Minaj even compares her lack of recognition to that of Jesus Christ.
“They’ll never thank me for opening doors, but they ain’t even thank Jesus when he died on the cross,” Minaj begins. “Cause your spirit is ungrateful,

Minaj made a point to speak about prophesying her own success while thanking her Young Money Cash Money record label members.
“Did I really prophecy everything I do, but before I continue let me thank my crew. So that was young Wayne, Mac Maine, Baby, and Slim k, Tez and E.I, told em it wouldn’t be in vain,” Minaj rapped. “‘Cause prior to me signing, I could’ve went insane.”
While Minaj sings on the chorus about feeling free, she continues to speak about Christian themes in the song where she makes sure to include the word “Bible” in a verse.
[callout title=Minaj]They’ll never thank me for opening doors, but they ain’t even thank Jesus when he died on the cross.[/callout]
“Why these (expletive) going broke to get your approval, pretty soon they’ll be back up on dem ramen noodles,” Minaj raps. “Bible, queen is the title and if you are my rival, then that means you suicidal.”
Minaj manages to question if she is ready for all of the fame that she deals with while speaking about having no interest in collaborating with anybody in the lyrics of “Freedom.”

While some may raise their eyebrows at the mix of Minaj’s vulgarity and Christian themes, this is not the first time that the rapper has spoken about religious themes. Last summer, Minaj told The Guardian that her formerly abusive father turned his life around by going through drug rehabilitation and being saved in church.

“He’s still with my mother. He went to rehab and cleaned himself up,” Minaj said. “Eventually they started going to church a lot, and he got saved and started changing his life.”
Minaj also told the publication who her heroes were: “God, and my mother.”

Writer: Christine Thomasos


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