Philippines Still Reeling from Typhoon Koppu

The Philippines is still reeling four days after Typhoon Koppu slammed the island nation.

The storm, known locally as Lando, has left 54 people dead and has displaced more than 600,000 residents. All together more than 1 million people have been affected.

One of the most devastated communities is the Aurora province. CBN Disaster Relief is providing for the immediate needs of families there.

They responded by distributing six kilos of rice along with canned goods, noodles, and milk, as well as urgently needed medical care.

CBN is not only bringing relief but teaching residents how to prepare for the next storm. The Guardian reports that on average 20 typhoons hit the Philippines each year.

"We would also want to teach them how to prepare since they are always hit by typhoons", said Dr. Kim Pascul with CBN International. "It is very hard to communicate and give them relief after big disasters."
CBN Disaster Relief plans to help victims rebuild their homes. To help, you can give to CBN Disaster Relief.

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