SA Comic Tats Nkonzo Releases A Single Online

Tats Nkonzo, winner of the Comics’ Choice Award: 2012 Breakthrough Act of the Year

Known for his unique brand of comedy called observation humour; this SA Got Talent Presenter from Eastern Cape has decided to release a single title, My Whole Life. “It is a simple story of 2 people who fall in love.” The song has a jazzy feel to it, it features a lady with a soulful voice named Nthabiseng Lethoko.

They harmonise the song, basically taking you on a journey of their feelings. If you like soulful music with a hint of jazz, then I would recommend this song for you. His musical gift is what sets him apart from the rest, as it complements his comic performance along with a sharp brain.

Appearing on Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola Season 3; Episode 11, Tats sang a song about Julius Malema titled: Goodbye My Leader. This just proved that he plans to rupture out and launch himself as a force to be reckoned with.

However, being a comedian wasn’t his first choice; he studied advertising for 3 years and comedy was something he passed by chance when he entered the TV show So You Think You’re Funny. And as fate would have had it, he reached the top 8. Parable Magazine got a chance to talk to Tats to understand his vision for the song.

What inspired you to write the song?

Four years into comedy, I realized that although I use a guitar and I sing in my stand-up routines, the song-writing is very minimal. I didn’t want to lose my edge so I wanted to flex my song writing ability again.

Is it based on a personal experience?

I think everybody has had the experience I describe in the song, or at least parts of the song. But it’s a story. I let my imagination go.

What does this mean for Tats, will you be working on an album?

I’m flirting with the idea, but I’m married to comedy at the moment. Music is the girl in the red dress at the club… And I just took her number. We’ll see.

The song has a jazzy feel to it, is it a reflection of the type of genre you enjoy listening to?

Not at all, I have a good ear for what’s good. I didn’t try and place a genre on the song, just wanted it to sound good.

You feature a lady by the name of Nthabiseng, how did you get her on board?

I bribed her with the idea of fame and bright lights. We used to attend AAA School of Advertising together for 3 years. We sang together between lectures.

I’m a huge fan of your work, what can we expect from you as a comedian?

Next year, I’m going to have more fun on stage. You can expect to laugh louder… And cringe more. I may even do a show about Christianity in the 21st century… Shake things up a bit.

How is your relationship with God?

Following Jesus is the best worst decision I’ve ever made. He ruined my life, changed my plans, and changed me. Now I can’t live without Him.

What advice can you give individuals who would love to pursue comedy as a career?

It’s not easy. If you’re funny with your friends, doesn’t mean you’ll be funny on stage, with a bunch of strangers. My advice… Put the DVD’s away, go to an actual comedy club and get an idea of what it takes to be a comic. After doing that… Do it again. Then… Do it again. And again…

One last thing, where do you get your inspiration from; the material for your comedy, do you have a muse locked up in your closet?

I’m a thinker. All my comedy comes from serious thoughts. It’s all truth hidden in hilarity. My muse is life.

Writer: Lerato Princess-Teresa Mashego

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