What can one says about sex that has not been said alredy. Advertisers say, “sex sells” and indeed it does because people will rush to buy any magazine with a naked woman on the cover or any product advertised using these means.

Even in church, if in a youth meeting the discussion is going to be sex that day the meeting bosts more people than other days. People are always looking forwrd to discuss sex. Even now I’m sure you could wait to click on this to see what’s been said.

Does it ever change though? After all the meetings and articles it seems the Word of God has not changed it still maintains that it should only be done in the confines of marriage. Outside of that it is called fornication and it is sin. Why is it then that so many unmarried people still do it.

It seems the reason most people site is that they have done it before they bacame Christians and now find it difficult to date and not have sex with the person. Some do it because they want to be loved by the guy who may not be sharing the same belief or conviction. Some do it because they do not think there is anything wrong because, “we are gonna get married anyway,we love each other,in our hearts we are already married.” Some do not see anything wrong with it because they say it is just part of life. Hence you find Christian that do not even do it with one person.

The question is are we ever going to get to that point of understanding the effects of sex before marriage? How long shall young people continue to sin against their own bodies? Is the momentary excitement worth compromising closeness with God?

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