Single Mothers Are Supermoms

As the years go by, the number of single parents is growing and one cannot help but wonder where it all went wrong or right. Could it be that these days women are more liberal and no longer depend on men to take care of them and their children, or is it the growing number of divorces.

Well whatever the cause for women or men for that matter raring children single handedly or bringing up children on your own cannot be easy and not all women who are single parents can really afford to do so.
Most of these women have had their children at a very young age and some of them were even forced to leave school and seek work just so they can take care of their kids. It is therefore not always easy for these women to do this on their own, some with very little income. They do however try to make ends meet. Looking at this growing phenomenon one can only wonder how they manage to be this super single working moms and still be able to provide for their children’s needs.

We would have to first understand that as a woman or man you don’t have any power in you to this on your own, that is why you need the grace of God and His power to give you direction and to guide you. As the word of God says, He is a father to the fatherless (Psalm 68 vs 5). God will not only give you the grace to be a good parent to your kids but He will also be a father to your kids. He will make provision for you where you think all else has failed and you wonder how even when cupboards are empty, you children can still eat.

Let’s look at a single parent from the bible who was widowed and had children to raise(2Kings 4 vs 1-7). She was not only unemployed, which on its own is bad enough, she was in debt and the debtors wanted to take her children to be slaves, now that’s worse. She ran to the Prophet and the Prophet advised her to take the little oil that she had left in her house and fill up vessels with it, if she didn’t have enough she could even borrow from the neighbors. This means first she had to have faith that this instruction was coming from God and also be willing to understand that it is okay to ask for help. Women always want to be supermoms and want to do everything on their own and that think it is a sin to ask for help. Well it is not. She would then fill all the vessels up, can you imagine the joy in that house seeing the vessels being filled up, knowing that they are going to sell the oil and be able to make a living.

This was God being a father to the fatherless, so as a single parent you must know that you have a God who will never leave nor forsake you. Even when it looks like you really do not have enough, practice faith and continue to dedicate your children to God as they grow. Why are you afraid to ask for help? You think you can do it all by yourself?

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