Ten Great Tips To Become Best Wives

1. Let him know you believe in him. This will empower him to achieve his dreams.

[You made him feel that he was more special than anyone or anything else, before marrying. Work to help him see that again.]
2. Accept your husband for the man he is, instead of wishing you could change this or that.

[Stop concentrating on your spouse’s faults (this makes them look even bigger than real life). Instead, work on your own. Take the “log” out of your own eye, as the Bible says to do in Matthew 7:5.]

3. Help him be a hero to his kids. Speak well of him and the good things that he does.

[You are God’s choice for being your husband’s cheerleader, when it comes to your husband. (And the same goes for him.) Please read Marriage Message #153 – Little Eyes Are Watching]

4. Appreciate the things he does —like making repairs around the house.

[Even if he doesn’t do them well —at least he’s making the effort —which is more than a lot of husbands will do.]

5. Let him spend time with the guys doing “guy” things [unless those “guy” things compromise the integrity of your marital relationship].

6. Respect his right to need some space sometimes. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

7. Stop asking him to throw out his torn, faded jeans. What you hate about them is what he loves about them.

[Learn to choose your battles —concentrate on things that really ARE important.]

8. Stop criticizing his mother (or father).

[This may be difficult to do when his family makes life difficult for you. “Speak the truth in love” and —motivated by love, when it concerns his family. If this doesn’t help, ask the Lord to show you how to handle the situation in the godliest, most peaceable way possible.]

9. Be patient with him. Make him feel special —he’s still someone who craves your approval.

10. Keep looking your best —for him … and for yourself.

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