Shannon Ethridge: The Fantasy Fallacy

As you know Fifty Shades of Grey is a publishing and cultural phenomenon being the best-selling book of all time!
But how healthy is a super dose of sexual fantasy for readers? When does sexual fantasy cross the line from healthy to harmful?

Best-selling author, speaker and counsellor Shannon Ethridge, has penned a book to answer this and other questions about sexual fantasy in The Fantasy Fallacy: Exposing the Deeper Meaning Behind Sexual Thoughts.
The book answers all the questions women might have about sexual fantasies and other relevant topics like dating older men, fascination with pain and pleasure and meeting strangers online. It will expose not only the meaning behind various fallacies but ways to face them, and heal from them, and find physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom.

“If you read Fifty Shades of Grey, and were fascinated with it or freaked out by it, I believe The Fantasy Fallacy is going to help you ‘chew up the meat and spit out the bones’ when it comes to sexual fantasies. I’m praying the same prayer over you that I’ve prayed over myself – that God would give you eyes to view all things sexual through His lens, and no one else’s.” – Ethridge

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